Pro-Tips: Dineable Groups

Follow these tips to get the most from your Dineable Group.

Best Practices

  • Let your people know - Dineable is coming soon! We've found that Groups who make an early announcement about Dineable to their communities have the highest member engagement.
  • Tell your crew to add as a Safe Email to avoid their spam or promotions folders when you send Group and Event invitations.
  • Dineable looks best on a mobile device. Don't get us wrong - we look great on desktop too, but you might find yourself needing to "scroll down to save". 
  • Dineable works best with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

Things to Avoid

  • Our current design does not support tablet screen sizes. For the best experience, stick to your phone or laptop!
  • Internet Explorer 11 and lower, and Internet Explorer Edge. We're not supported on these browsers.

Using Your Group

  • Group Members must be invited to join through the Group page. Group Admins simply click the 'Invite New Members' button on the Home or Members tab of your Group page, enter their email address(es), and scroll down to click the 'Send Invitations' button.

  • Your Group is private. Uninvited Group Members cannot join, even if they click your Group Link. They will be able to send a message to request an invitation, but they cannot see any details about your Group until an Admin invites them to join. 

  • Existing Group Members can access the Group anytime through your custom Group Link (found on the Info tab of your Group page) or their own Dineable Food Profile (by clicking the Social icon at the bottom of the screen).

  • Customize your Group on the Info tab. Upload an avatar (logo!), add a description, customize your Group Link, create subgroups, add other Group Admins, and more!

  • Use SubGroups to organize your Group Members by department, team, company, committee... you name it!

  • Host a Group Event to get a Food Profile Report faster. Group Events allow you to auto-share your members' food profiles to the event (helpful for hosting repeat meetings and events with a predetermined guest list). You can share Group Event links with non-members, too (great for those "+1's welcome" parties). They won't be able to join your Group, but they will be able to RSVP for your event.